schizophrenia from detroit

(in english for obvious reasons)

the superbowl-ads 2011 were pretty funny and well done, but there’s this one i simply can’t wrap my head around:

chrysler – imported from detroit

this seems to be „the“ spot of 2011. america loved it.

you’ve got to be fucking shitting me!

i can’t believe this: the company (one of them, at least) that ruined detroit in the first place (by not being an innovator, by being conservative in any possible way, ecxept investing money in…well, a river called shits creek?!) now spends millions (4x 3 mill for the airtime, plus a lot more producing the ad and paying that douche eminem) for some sort of image-/propagandapiece on the fucking superbowl?

jesus christ, people! i happen to agree with the message the spot wants to put out, but it is put out by the wrong messenger. its like a tourism spot for crabfishing in louisiana, brought to you by BP.

i do hope that detroit gets up on its feet again, and i sure as hell hope this happens without the big three.


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