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25. Februar 2011

heiße phase.

shit’s gettin‘ real!

pläne werden geschmiedet, mein reisepass ist da und meine liebe cousine erstellt schon reisepläne. ende september gehts los. holy shit, ich freue mich.


7. Februar 2011

schizophrenia from detroit

(in english for obvious reasons)

the superbowl-ads 2011 were pretty funny and well done, but there’s this one i simply can’t wrap my head around:

chrysler – imported from detroit

this seems to be „the“ spot of 2011. america loved it.

you’ve got to be fucking shitting me!

i can’t believe this: the company (one of them, at least) that ruined detroit in the first place (by not being an innovator, by being conservative in any possible way, ecxept investing money in…well, a river called shits creek?!) now spends millions (4x 3 mill for the airtime, plus a lot more producing the ad and paying that douche eminem) for some sort of image-/propagandapiece on the fucking superbowl?

jesus christ, people! i happen to agree with the message the spot wants to put out, but it is put out by the wrong messenger. its like a tourism spot for crabfishing in louisiana, brought to you by BP.

i do hope that detroit gets up on its feet again, and i sure as hell hope this happens without the big three.

1. Februar 2011

gmail ftw.

google mail ist klasse. richtig toll. und in den kommentaren in einem artikel auf bin ich auf folgenden trick gestoßen:

„Just a reminder about the + feature of gmail –

You can add info to your email address any time you want for identifying and segregating spam anytime you want.

Let’s say your email address is:

If you stick in a + sign after your address but before the @ you can include whatever else you want – like this: and it will still go to your inbox. If yellow pages then uses or sells your email address, you will be able to tell that the new spam you are getting came from them and then make a rule that sends it all to the trash automagically.“


killerfeature, anyone?

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